Koshur Cart Learning Centre Puzzle Answers

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Koshur CART Puzzle Contest - Particiapte in our Puzzle Contests by putting correct answers in comments in facebook post with proper reasoning and stand a chance to win exciting prices.

Koshur Cart Learning Centre Puzzle # 0002

Q: Who is the killer in above Picture?


Number 3

Since it's a ladies bathroom, so only ladies can enter the bathroom and hence most likely the killer.

Koshur Cart Learning Centre Puzzle # 0003


Q: Can you crack the code in above picture?


The code is 0 4 2
Let the statements be A,B,C,D and E.
Now from Statements A,B,D we know that one of the digit is 2 and well placed(third place).
from statements C and E we know that another digit is 0 and its place is first in the code.
finally from statement B we now know that 4 is the remaining digit of the code and its place is second in the code.
Hence the code is 0 4 2

Koshur Cart Learning Centre Puzzle # 0004


Q: Which of the image is different than the other two?


Look at the eyes of all the three images. The second one has eyes positioned at different places. This is why the second image is the odd one out.

Koshur Cart Learning Centre Puzzle # 0006

Q: Choose the correct shadow of bird?



The mistakes are marked in red.

Koshur Cart Learning Centre Puzzle # 0007


Q: Identify the number of Pencils in above image?



There are 4 Hexagons with 18 Pencils each. Total number of Pencils is 18x4 = 72

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