Cash on Delivery Information

What is 'Cash On Delivery - COD'

Cash on delivery (COD) is a type of transaction in which the recipient makes payment for a good at the time of delivery. If the purchaser does not make payment when the good is delivered, then the good is returned to the seller. The recipient can make payment by cash or card depending on the service provided by shipping company.

DOWN 'Cash On Delivery - COD'

This type of transaction usually takes place through a shipping company and allows both the seller and the buyer of the product to minimize the risk of fraud or default. COD allows the purchaser to pay at the time of delivery instead of having to pay upfront. The purchaser remits payment to the shipping company, which then relays the payment back to the seller.

Advantages and Disadvantages of COD Transactions

For consumers without credit cards or not well conversant with online transactions, COD purchases offer a convenient way to order goods online or through other means line Whats App, SMS or direct call. The transactions pose low risk for the buyer since he doesn't pay until he receives the product in satisfactory condition. COD transactions also protect the buyer against scams by online fraud artists who often pose as legitimate businesses to collect credit card information for illegal uses. In COD purchases, the buyer knows that the merchandise must actually show up before he needs to pay out any money; however, COD payment options may lead some consumers to make unwise purchases due to the ease of online ordering and the ability to defer payment until delivery which results into huge losses to online sellers.

On the merchant's side, offering a COD payment option may enhance buyer confidence in a new company that does not yet have strong name recognition. This can lead to more customers and increased sales. 

In addition to enjoying the benefits of COD transactions, merchants who offer this payment option must be prepared to assume certain risks. Since the consumer may refuse delivery when the goods arrive, the seller may wind up carrying the costs of shipping for returned items. Delays in shipping or difficulties coordinating delivery times with buyers can also lead to frustrating waits for payment. Considering all above facts Koshur Cart has drafted a Cash on Delivery (COD) Policy for its customers which is as below:-

  • COD Orders shall be accepted through Whats App, email or SMS only
  • Gift Vouchers, Discount Coupons and Reward Points (if any) shall not be applicable on COD orders
  • First time COD Orders shall not be taken for weight exceeding 1 Kg, however, for subsequent orders and customer credibility such restriction will be lifted
  • COD Fee of Rs 30/- extra apart from normal shipping shall be applicable for each COD order irrespective of number of items ordered
  • First time COD Orders shall be dispatched through surface mode only. For subsequent orders and depending on customer credibility Air mode will be considered

By placing COD order with us, you accept our above COD Policy

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